Level One is owned and managed by nurses and a physician who have over forty years of combined experience in management, staff nursing, and travel nursing themselves.  They recognized the importance of highly qualified travel nurses and realized that it was always a gamble when hiring one to fill the front lines of medicine.

Our business is different from the average staffing agency.  We hire people we know and that we would want to work next to in a busy facility.  Because of this, we only invite nurses into Level One if they are personally known by one of the owners OR given a direct referral from a current Level One Nurse.  We assume our nurses want to work next to professionals that work hard and are easy to get along with.  Bringing nurses on board in this manner will certainly benefit the other nurses, the facility, and of course the patients.

Our goal is this.  In the future when a facility needs a nurse, they will look to Level One first because they know that we only employ high quality nurses and that just by saying you work for Level One, you are recognized as an asset to any department.


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